About Rugby Electronics

Rugby Electronics was founded in 1969. Specialising in Subcontract Design, Manufacture, Maintenance & Repair.

We cover many Electronic Engineering practices including Software Development and also Electrical and Mechanical Engineering design.

For EMC and environmental testing we use outsourced facilities.

Our Customer base consists of many high profile International Companies as well as smaller Organisations and our products are located worldwide and throughout the UK.

Our services are mainly tailored for the Industrial Environment – Electricity Generation (Turbine and Generator Control), Marine and Offshore (including MOD Navy), Steel and Paper Production, Mining and also Railway Instrumentation.

We also have our own Product Range for Instrumentation and Control which include an exteamly robust range of optical incremental encoders proven by decades of reliable service history.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO90001:2015 consequently we monitor for improvement on a regular basis.